Finance made accessible, in every accounts receivable

Mochi is a billing and collections platform that helps Filipino businesses get paid on time, every time by digitalizing the invoicing process and automating repetitive tasks to fuel growth.

Founded by passionate people

Guaya Melgar


Guaya is leading Mochi to make finance more accessible in every accounts receivable. She has 10+ years of experience in the financial sector as a startup founder, a specialist for international development agencies, and an independent consultant working with government agencies. 

She is a financial sector specialist for the World Bank and was the Access to Finance Technical Associate for the USAID DELIVER Project. These and her experience from co-founding an insurtech startup, Vesl, have opened her eyes to the challenges in the space and the positive impact that access to finance can provide Filipino businesses.

Adrian Co


Adrian is building Mochi to make finance more accessible in every accounts receivable. His decade-long experience as a software engineer for companies such as Splitmedialabs and Logitech has not only helped him develop his technical skills but also his knack for creating digital products that deliver value to the community. 

As a Learning Consultant at Avion School, Adrian coached and developed frontend and backend curricula for software engineer students. At Mochi, he is applying this by coaching the team and leading product development and operations to build an accounts receivable platform that will delight SMEs.

10+ team members spread across engineering, product, finance, growth, and operations

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